About Beleza Samba

Beleza Samba is the culmination of years of experience and work by artistic partners Michael and Yamina Boase. 

What began as classes to put together large groups of drummers playing traditional Brazilian percussion has turned into a rich, flexible and dynamic company that provides a broad range of entertainment. 

Combining everything that they have as artists & using their extensive networks, Michael and Yamina started Beleza Samba with the ambition of putting clients directly in touch with experience artists who know how to cater to every situation appropriately. 

Primarily, the company provides Samba shows with drummers and dancers but also offers solo artists, workshops, regular classes and contacts with various other performers in the industry. 

Bookings Enquiries

Primary contact: yam@belezasamba.com.au

Primary contact: yam@belezasamba.com.au

School Enrolments

Yamina (dance teacher): 0410 273 834
Michael (dance teacher): 0423 768 379
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