All dance & crafts enquiries, contact Yamina: / 0410273834 / WhatsApp +238 5231503 Skype ID: Yamina.Boase

All drum enquiries, contact Michael: / 0423768379


Australia WA - Kadidjiny Hall (Perth-Fremantle)

70/72 Curtis Rd, MELVILLE


9 AM DIY 4 Kids 3-5 years old

Craft Session — Kids will learn creative, up-cycling ideas and transform household trash into treasures!

Some material provided, but parents are strongly encouraged to bring the following for each child:

**Cost : $12 per child

10 AM Tell ’N’ Dance 3-5 years old

Movement Sessions — Kids will learn a cultural tale and put the story together through dance movements.

Dancing is excellent to develop body awareness and coordination from an early age. It also stimulates imagination and encourages self-confidence.

**Cost : $12 per child


6.45 PM Dance for Well-Being - Open levels

Movement session - Feed your soul, release mental stress and reconnect to your body by learning some groovy dance moves from around the world. Sessions are on Monday evenings, from 6.45pm to 7.45pm, and focuses on feeling good and expressing yourself! No previous dance experience necessary. Open to teens 12-13 till adults 60+!

**Cost : $20

Australia WA - Village Vibes Studio (Perth-Fremantle)

537 Canning Highway, ALFRED COVE


6 PM Bellydancing (Oriental Dance & Fusion) - Open levels

Discover the beauty of Middle-Eastern & North African dances, connect with your body and emotions through soft and sensual movements, learn to follow the music sharply and isolate parts of your body with harmony and control. Yamina Soreya has two decades of learning, teaching and performing bellydancing worldwide and she happily shares her vision of connecting bellydance with other forms of dance, once students pass the basic technique. Her dance style is original, intuitive, worldly and highly emotive and musical.

**Cost : $22 casual ($80 4 weeks pass)

7 PM Afro Fusion (Tradition & Modern styles) - Open Levels

Africa is a large continent with a myriad of dances, so this class focuses on understanding the groove and essence of African dance more than concentrating on any specific styles. Discover the many faces of African music through energetic movement, story telling gestures, fast hips and footwork! Yamina Soreya has just returned from one year living in Cape Verde Islands (West africa) and has experienced the incredible African Spirit first hand. She has performed largely over there with many local artists who enriched greatly her dance vocabulary.

**Cost : $22 casual ($80 4 weeks pass)

8 PM Brazilian Dance (Samba, Axé and Fusion) - Open Levels

Ever wanted to learn the mesmerising dancing you see at the Carnival? Be introduced to the uniquely rich Brazilian culture, a mixture of Europeans, Africans & Indigenous. From slow to fast, work your way up gradually to learn the basic fondations of Samba and feel the joy of dancing to the beautiful music that this country has to offer, from traditional to modern grooves. Continually evolving, funk and hiphop cultures are also a big part of the samba scene today. Yamina Soreya went travelling to Brazil and participated in the Rio Carnival in 2012. She was crowned Best Samba Queen this year at the Praia Carnival in Cape Verde and she has taught her unique take on Samba all over the world.

**Cost : $22 casual ($80 4 weeks pass)

One-o-one Tuition : Bellydance - Gypsy - Samba - Latin - Afro - Fusion - Experimental (from beginners to advanced/professional)

Tailor-made classes to suit individual needs! Flexible days and times. Choose what style(s) of dance you want to work on. You’ll learn not only dance technique in a particular genre with some choreographic ideas, but also some musicality which is necessary for freestyle.

Trained in a variety of dances from around the world, Yamina Soreya can help you develop your own style, your own artistry. Together we can reflect on what emotions dance permeates, depending on the present moment, and work on how to be “present”, “spontaneous” while retaining some dance knowledge through physical drills, so that your dancing can be free but still culturally appropriate.

**Cost : $60/h (discount packages available)

Australia VIC (Melbourne)

Contact Michael: 0423 768 379 for all drumming enquiries.


Private tuition, any age, various styles (afro, funk, reggae, blues, samba etc.)

$50/h. Also available for special workshops for bands.


Private tuition/workshop in West African rhythms, break down of hand techniques and how to create melody with your instrument.

Cape Verde - Estudio de Dança Nicole

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