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New courses 2018 / Novas alas 2018

Launching SKYPE lessons: Anywhere, anytime!

Bellydance - Gypsy - Samba - Latin - Afro - Fusion - Experimental

Tailor-made classes to suit individual needs! Flexible days and times. Choose what style(s) of dance you want to work on. You’ll learn not only dance technique in a particular genre with some choreographic ideas, but also some musicality which is necessary for freestyle.

Trained in a variety of dances from around the world, Yamina Soreya can help you develop your own style, your own artistry. Together we can reflect on what emotions dance permeates, depending on the present moment, and work on how to be “present”, “spontaneous” while retaining some dance knowledge through physical drills, so that your dancing can be free but still culturally appropriate.

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Skype ID: Yamina.Boase


Private tuition, any age, various styles (afro, funk, reggae, blues, samba etc.)

$50/h. Also available for special workshops for bands.


Private tuition/workshop in West African rhythms, break down of hand techniques and how to create melody with your instrument.

Contact Michael (0423 768 379) for all drumming enquiries.

Didgeridoo Breath

6 Market Street, FREMANTLE - upstairs studio (if late call 0410273834)

World Dance Workout LAST CLASS OCT 24TH!

Tuesday nights in Sept-Oct, 7.45pm, 70min, Open levels.

Description: In this class, you will sample various dances from the world, of African, Latin or Oriental origins.

Crafted to be fun, while a tad technical, challenge yourself both physically and mentally (just a bit of focus!) and also free your mind in the joy of dancing, letting go of some tensions in the body.

Come and enjoy this UNIQUE class, infused with world grooves and infectious rhythms.

Mind-expanding and culturally aware FITNESS CLASS.

Cost: $20 per session of 70min.

The Dance Workshop Studio

65, Scarborough Beach Road, North Perth (rear studio)


Thursday nights, 8pm, 75min, Open levels

Description: Samba is a lively, rhythmical dance from Brazil, of African origin. While they are many and varied styles of Samba (samba-rock, samba de gafiera etc.), the style taught in this class is the Solo style called "samba no pé" typical of what you will see at the famous Brazilian carnivals of Rio & Bahia (samba-reggae). This is a high energy, fun class, suitable for beginners through to more experienced dancers. An extra bonus - it is a great workout for the abs, hips and thighs. This is not just a class for the ladies though - guys are welcome to come and shake up a storm in the studio also!

Cost: Please visit and see Timetable / Class Fees.