International workshop


**440 Lafayette St, 4th floor, 4E, New York City USA.

Friday 23rd of June, 6.30-8.30pm (open levels)

Description: You'll learn to mix the elegance, playfulness and sassiness of Rio samba style with the sensuality and emotion of Oriental dance. Use bellydance techniques such as body isolations, shimmies, undulations and twists layered with Brazilian moves. Have fun and get energized!

Australian-based dancer Yamina Soreya has been performing & teaching her own fusion style of Oriental and Samba internationally since 2009. She has been studying Brazilian Dance and Middle-Eastern Dance for over a decade, both in France, Australia and overseas. In 2010, she was placed 2nd at the Bellydance Asia Competition with a Bellysamba piece. She has performed in Rio in 2012 alongside Unidos da Tijuca who won the carnival that year! In 2015, she was selected to take part in the Bellyfusions Festival in Paris with an Oriental-Afro-Brazilian fusion. She is best-known for her boundless energy, her passion in sharing her dance vision and experience and her attention to detail.

Cost: $40, $50 after June 22nd. $35 for Bellyqueen unlimited pass holders.

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Didgeridoo Breath

6 Market Street, FREMANTLE - upstairs studio (if late call 0410273834)

World Dance Workout

Tuesday, 7.45pm, 70min, All levels (ON BREAK UNTIL JULY)

Description: In this class, you will sample various dances from the world, of African, Latin or Oriental origins.

Crafted to be fun, while a tad technical, challenge yourself both physically and mentally (just a bit of focus!) and also free your mind in the joy of dancing, letting go of some tensions in the body.

Come and enjoy this UNIQUE class, infused with world grooves and infectious rhythms.

Mind-expanding and culturally aware FITNESS CLASS.

Cost: $20 per session of 70min.

The Dance Workshop Studio

65, Scarborough Beach Road, North Perth (rear studio)

Oriental Bellyfusion (ON BREAK)

Wednesday, 8pm, 75min, Open levels

Description: This class aims at showing students the whole spectrum of Bellydance, from the foundations of Oriental dance (Beledi, Sharqi, Folkloric) to the new hybrids & mutations which are emerging all over the world, influenced by the fusion of multiple dance genres & cultures, which is also reflected in the diaspora of global beats and world fusion music. Some examples of fusion are Bellysamba, Flamencoriental, Tribal Fusion bellydance, Modern and Contemporary Oriental & Bellywood just to name a few. Come with an open-mind and ready to train your body in ways you didn’t expect to, and discover a world of hypnotic movements & sensuality, strong body isolations & passion, complex calligraphic footwork, earthy floorwork, exhilarating shimmies and much much more! For both male and female dancers, Bellyfusion is a fantastic outlet for self-expression through dance while learning about various cultures.

Cost: Please visit and see Timetable / Class Fees.

Samba & other Brazilian dances

Thursday, 8pm, 75min, Open levels

Description: Samba is a lively, rhythmical dance from Brazil, of African origin. While they are many and varied styles of Samba (samba-rock, samba de gafiera etc.), the style taught in this class is the Solo style called "samba no pé" typical of what you will see at the famous Brazilian carnivals of Rio & Bahia (samba-reggae). This is a high energy, fun class, suitable for beginners through to more experienced dancers. An extra bonus - it is a great workout for the abs, hips and thighs. This is not just a class for the ladies though - guys are welcome to come and shake up a storm in the studio also!

Cost: Please visit and see Timetable / Class Fees.


Bellydance - Gypsy - Bolly - Latin - Afro - Fusion

Tailor-made classes to suit individual needs! Flexible days and times. Choose what style of dance you want to work on, when, get some special attention & learn faster than normal!

One-o-one private or 2 people max: $60 for 1h or $75 for 90min.

Semi-private group tuition (3+ people): $20 per person per hour.

Trained in a variety of dances from around the world, Yamina Soreya can help you develop your own style, find your dancer within, as well as work on specific dance technique in a particular genre. Help in choreography & freestyle available.

Contact or call 0410273834


Private tuition, any age, various styles (afro, funk, reggae, blues, samba etc.)

$50/h. Also available for special workshops for bands.


Private tuition/workshop in West African rhythms. Also see below for Djembe classes at Didgeridoo Breath.

Contact Michael (0423 768 379) for all drumming enquiries.